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Sheehan’s Irish Imports

Doherty & Sullivan’s

The Celtic Ranch

Eddie Delahunt Café &


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Est. 1887.  Browne's, a truly unique Irish shopping experience.  Trust their 120 years of history to be your guide to the finest in Irish.


Address / Phone

Hours of Operation


3300 Pennsylvania Ave.

Kansas City, MO


(816) 561-0030

Monday - Friday

9am - 3:00pm



10am - 2pm


Call for evening and weekend appointment to meet your busy schedule.




EMail:  brownes@ireland.com

Website:  www.brownesmarket.com


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Handcrafted Custom Woodwork & Design

Since 1989, Byrne Custom Woodworking has manufactured high quality custom cabinetry, architectural molding, and plantation shutters.  The founder of the company, Ian Byrne immigrated to the United States in 1987. With him, he brought Old World techniques and methods learned from an extensive apprenticeship in his native Ireland.


Address / Phone


17501 W. 98th

St #28-62

Lenexa, KS 66219


(913) 894-4777




EMail:  info@byrnecustomwood.com

Website:  www.byrnecustomwood.com


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The world’s most gorgeous Sterling Silver Celtic Jewelry.  Celtic Knots, Celtic Symbols and Claddagh Jewelry are not the only lovelies you’ll find.  My Celtic Treasures specializes in Celtic Jewelry and Accessories made from Sterling Silver, Gems and Swarovski Crystal. Irish and Celtic Motifs such as the Claddagh Ring and shamrocks frequently feature, as do interlaced patterns from the ancient books of Ireland and the Celtic world.


Address / Phone


9730 Slater Street

Overland Park, KS


(913) 558-2275




EMail:  Chris@MyCelticTreasures.com

Website:  www.myceltictreasures.com


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As 1 of only 2 stores that sell Kara's Irish Pottery West of the Mississippi, They pride themselves on their wonderful selection. They share the same love of Irish music, Celtic art, and Scottish clothing you do, so they stock their store with their favorite Irish goods. You'll be amazed at their variety of ancestral maps and Irish flags, and with their Irish books you'll be able to create a strong link to your past. Even if they don't have exactly what you're looking for in stock, They'll be glad make a special order for you.


Address / Phone

Hours of Operation


213 SE Main St.

Lees Summit, MO


(816) 524-7151

(866) 574-0517

Monday - Friday

10am - 6:00pm


10am - 4pm


Noon - 4pm




Email:  LS525@comcast.net

Website:  www.dsirish.com


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Situated on the site of the former Balsano’s Coffee House Café, Delahunt’s Café &, has a spacious patio and a deck, which has hosted several successful gigs.  Serving Espressos and Brewed Coffees & Teas, Sandwiches, Bagels, Pastries, & Muffins.  LIVE English Soccer Saturday Mornings starting @ 7am


Address / Phone

Hours of Operation


1811 W. 45th St.

Kansas City, MO


(816) 753-3322

Monday - Saturday

7am - 5pm


9am - 2pm




Email:  edelahunt@hotmail.com

Website:  www.eddiedelahunt.com



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Now with over 12 years of experience bringing you the best knowledge when purchasing crystal.  A family owned and operated business, the Irish Crystal Company has put a sparkle in many homes, businesses and churches across the United States.


Address / Phone

Hours of Operation


7108 W 135th

Overland Park, KS




10am - 6pm

Friday & Saturday

10am - 5pm

or by Appointment




Website:  www.irishcrystalgifts.com



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Address / Phone

Hours of Operation

10333 Metcalf

Overland Park, KS


(913) 381-1335


109 N. E. 91st St.

Kansas City, MO


(816) 436-4545


Monday, Tuesday,

Wednesday & Friday

8AM - 5PM


8AM to 7PM


9AM to 2PM

Sunday - Closed!



Email:  Locks@Locks-Pulls.net

Website:  www.locks-pulls.net


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Step into Sheehan's and return to a place in time where shopping is a true pleasure.  Feel free to take a couple of hours out of your busy schedule to browse, chat, and sip a cup of fresh hot Irish tea.


Address / Phone

Hours of Operation


1412 Westport Rd

Kansas City, MO


(816) 561-4480

(800) 551-4480)

Monday - Saturday

10am - 6pm


Noon - 5pm



EMail:  sheehansirish@earthlink.net

Website:  www.sheehansirish.com



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Opened in the summer of 2005, the Celtic Ranch draws from the Celtic spirit living in Weston.  Featuring unique imports from artists and designers all over Ireland and Scotland, the Celtic Ranch handpicks every item to fit the unique aesthetic of a Celtic ranch. Rustic gifts and crosses adorn the back of the shop, for all the horse lovers.  The Celts, being huge horse people, found the creatures to be giant spirits, and we tend to agree.  Our fascination with all things relating to horsemanship shines through the products we feature, the atmosphere we create, and the relationship between the ancient Celts of our descendants, and the modern ranch of today.


Address / Phone


404 Main St.

Weston, MO


(816) 640-2881



EMail:  terrykast@yahoo.com

Website:  www.thecelticranch.com



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If by chance I missed an Irish shop, please send me the info in an

email and I’ll place it in the list. – Brian Greenstreet